“How to cure the disease e.g. What is Prostate ?”,You may have heard a lot about prostate cancer and prostate cancer and you also want to know about it so that it can be prevented. In such a situation, today you are told what prostate is and what you need to do with Prostate Gland. The prostate is a gland found in the body, also called the virulent gland, because these glands are found only in males. The work of this gland is to take the sperms during ejaculation. This urine is located around the path.

As the aging progresses, many glands are beginning to develop in the prostate gland, which increases the size of this gland and this action becomes a problem when the pressure on the urethra causes large size of the gland . An enlarged prostate is called BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Let’s now know the symptoms of the prostate gland-
Passing urine several times in a day (more than eight times)
The urge to pass urine so fast that it can not be possible to stop urine
Problems with the beginning of passing urine
After passing urine, dried urine by boond-bleeding
Frequent urination passing during sleep
Urine odor and color do not remain normal
Pain after passing urine
Due to increased prostate gland-

As the aging progresses, the size of the prostate begins to grow and by the age of 80, almost every man gets BPH syndrome.

Due to the effect of hormones, the size of the prostate increases, because with the decrease in the amount of hormones in the mail, the chance of developing this gland increases significantly.

How to recover from What is prostateProstate size may also increase due to genetic factors. If there is any problem related to prostate or testisation in the family, its risk is greatly increased.

Not having an active lifestyle, that is not to exercise regularly, it can also increase the size of the prostate gland.

The possibility of blood circulation related problems, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and the progression of prostate gland in obesity is greatly increased.

In the event of erectile dysfunction, the risk of prostate increases is greatly increased.

Prostate Check – There are several types of tests that can be done to check the prostate gland, such as-

Digital real test
Blood test
Urine test
Prostate specific antigen blood test
After these tests, some tests may also be done to confirm the increased size of the prostate such as-

Urinary flow test
Postvoid residual volume test
After these tests, if the condition is more serious then doctors can suggest transactal ultrasound / prostate biopsy or cystoscopy.

What to do to stop the progression of the prostate gland-
Being tense of men can cause the size of this gland to increase and in the event of stress men often pass urine. Regular exercises and meditation can be helpful to avoid this.

Instead of hurrying while passing urine, take a little longer time so that the bladder can be completely emptied and it may also reduce the frequent toilets.

In the event of taking any kind of medication, please inform the doctor about this so that the doctor can balance the effects of those drugs while starting prostate treatment.

Try to reduce the intake of fluid in the evening, especially caffeinated and alcoholic beverages because these drinks affect the bladder muscles and inspire the kidney to make more urine. This is the problem of passing urine many times overnight.

Even with a healthy diet daily, this disease can be prevented.

Medicines can also be used to treat the increased prostate gland and the option of surgery can also be taken. The method of treatment will depend on the state of the prostate.

Friends, what is prostate and important information related to the prostate now you have, so be completely cautious to avoid this problem, and do not hesitate to meet the doctor if any symptoms appear.

What is the prostate hope that this information will prove to be helpful for you and you may have liked it.


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