Thanksgiving is born in the world’s best mangoes. Amy is called the fruit of the fruit because of his flavors and fragrance. 

The date of mango is also ancient for more than four thousand years, but it is also full of its taste and color, as well as many nutrients. One looks on her nutrition.
There are 99 calories in a cup or 165 grams. Such quantities contain protein 1.4 grams, 24.7 grams of carbohydrates, 0.6 grams of fat and 2.6 grams of fiber. Apart from this, daily requirement of 67 vitamins C, 20% Fill, 11% Vitamins B, 10% Vitamins A, 9.7% Vitamin E, 6.5% Vitamin B Five, Vitamins 6%, Vocamin 7%, Potassium 6 Percentage, 5% of rehabilitone, 5% of rehabilitation, 4% of manganese 4% of thinnamon and 4% of magnesium daily necessity. However, phosphorus, calcium and feldad alumni are present in it.
Amy polyethylene and anti-oxidants are filled in and they are found in dozens of types. Antioxidants prevent spoil breaks, retain growth and save many diseases including cancer.
Now there is talk about mammals and physical benefits.
1. Strengthening the physical defense system
Due to vitamin A and C strengthens the physical defense system. The body thus creates the ability to fight many diseases.
2. Mango and abdominal health
Magnesium and potassium present in the mango are in good condition. In addition, it helps restore the health of healthy blood pressure. Anti-oxidants present in it protect Ferren’s heart cells.
These are good benefits of mango’s
3. Improve the Skin
Many ingredients make it very useful for humans. For example, there are many raw material (enzyme) present in it. Amy Lease facilitates digestion by distributing complicated carbohydrate and other ingredients into simple ingredients.
Water in the mango and water fiber strengthen skin and stomach. Mango occupation also plays an important role in eliminating.
4. Ami and eye Health
Lithuania and Zaccine-based mammals protect eyes and retina’s eyes. Both of these ingredients also save the eye from the loss of sunshine. Then vitamins are useful for visualization and it is found in certain amounts of vitamins.
5. Get rid of Cancer
Polynomial polygons prevent many types of cancer. These include blood, intestines, lung and breast cancer. Thus, we can say that Mami is capable of removing many types of cancer.


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