Heart is the most important organ in our body. If this does not work properly, the lymph nodes can also stop. It transmits blood in our body, this work through the coronary artery. Therefore, it is very important to keep your heart safe. If you want your heart to always beating properly, keep in mind some minor mistakes for this. Let us tell you about these small things that can harm your heart.
Keep Family History in mind
If you have had any heart disease in your family history, it can happen to you too. So never underestimate your family history and always keep checking your heart.
Sun god friend
Sunlight has lots of energy and it also gives vitamin D to the body. Therefore, if possible, the lukewarm sunlight of the morning can definitely save. This will keep the level of vitamin D in your body right. The people who have vitamin D deficiency in their bodies do not have the ability to build blood vessels in a smooth manner, whereas those who have vitamin D in the body, their blood cells function properly.
Have a balanced diet
To keep the heart healthy, the use of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant fruits and vegetables in the body is very important. By consuming them, the amount of potassium is reached in the body and blood remains in the right amount in the body. Potassium keeps the amount of sodium in the body, which does not cause low blood pressure. Eat cottage fruits, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and beans in plenty, contain the necessary amount of potassium. Eat apples, bananas, cucumber, pears in fruits.
Clean teeth properly
Dental cleansing and healthy heart are connected to each other. Many researches have shown that if your teeth are healthy then you have a chance to lose heart disease. Without cleaning the tooth, the bacteria go through the stomach and generate many problems. By which the emphasis is on the heart and the risk of heart disease increases.
More drinks are harmful
The amount of sugar in energy drinks and cold drinks is very high, which is enough to increase the level of triglyceride in your body’s blood. Triglyceride is a type of fat that thickens the blood. Therefore, eat more water or lemonade and sugarcane juice or fruit juice. Sugarcane juice is the most energy efficient.
lack of sleep
Not sleeping properly in the night, doing more work and later due to sleep are also the main causes of heart disease. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day. By taking adequate sleep, the body moves correctly and the heart remains always healthy. Sleep fast, take full sleep, so that you always stay healthy. It is often seen that those who are sleepy or do not sleep properly, they have more chances of heart attack. If you do not sleep for some reason then consult your doctor.
Time checkup
The diagnosis of heart disease cannot be run very quickly, so it is better to keep checking your cholesterol regularly after crossing the age of 30. Every five years, cholesterol must be sure to have blood pressure in every two years and your weight every six months. After the age of 45, the amount of blood glucose in the body should also be checked.
Get the right amount of protein
If you want to be healthy then eat milk regularly. Also add beans, beans or rajma to your food. Because these proteins are found. In addition, there is no fat content and soluble fiber that keeps cholesterol balanced in the body. Foods made of porridge and barley are good sources of soluble fiber.
Take a walk
Take a walk for a while in the day, it will reduce the intra-fat in the body, calories will be low and the blood circulation in the body will be good. Do small things only on foot. At least 10,000 steps are required to walk daily, that is, a 45-minute walk makes you fit for a lifetime.              


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