There are different kinds of misconceptions about our children. For example, after the birth, honey, sugar, etc. are like sweet words. Or bathe after birth. These are just wrong ideas. It is not good to have a baby shower for the first 3 months of birth. Find out 28 health tips for child rearing.

Some health tips for children that many do not know
After the child, the responsibilities of each parents increase many times. One of the reasons is that the child should be healthy and strong. She has the right mental development and many parents have to obey parents in the health of their child.
So, keep in mind that some health tips that many are unknown to.
1. Do not let your baby drink honey, sugar, water or water in the Egyptian water immediately after birth.
2. Do not take bath for the first three days of birth.
3. Do not force the child to feed.
4. Never leave the child alone at high places.
5. Do not use oil immediately after bathing the baby.
6. Do not let the baby eat anything other than breast milk in the first 6 months.
7. Do not use your mouse to keep your mouth shut.
8. Do not give milk in the feeder during sleep at night. Do not use a feeder or bottle.
9. Do not cover with a thick cloth or a blanket.
10. Do not stop food if diarrhea or diarrhea.
11. Do not cover the baby with extra clothes because it will take cold.
12. Do not give your child tinned food.
13. Newborn babies do not get up to 28 days of age.
14. Never let your child walk with walker before the year is over.
15. Never sleep on medicines when there is sleep disruption for breathing difficulties.
16. Do not give food to the children outside the open food, the rest of the meals and keep the refrigerated food for a long time.
17. Playing bananas, oranges and other fruits does not cause asthma or increase.
18. Do not wash the fruit of the food.
19. Do not eat unnecessary medicines for colds and coughs without consulting the doctor.
20. If you do not play or do mischief, never threaten your child. It can be a problem for mental development.
21. Do not beat the child, explain the problem.
22. Do not give antibiotics to yourself if you have cough or cold fever.
23. Never smoke in front of your baby.
24 Do not see any kind of scary movie, play and play with the child.
25. Do not leave your baby alone in the kitchen or toilet.
26. Keep the needle, scissors, twigs, knives, sharp edges and all medicines beyond the reach of the child. 
27. Do not repeat the X-ray of the baby.
28. There is no marital relationship between relatives.


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