Remedies for strengthening boost immune system

Let’s know the steps to strengthen boost immune system. Our immune system only keeps us from diseases and keeps healthy, but when the immune system starts to weaken due to the ways in which our lifestyle changes, then it is very easy to attack our body for diseases.

In this case, every small disease can be attacked by attacking the body. To prevent this, it is very important that we make our immune system strong. So, let’s talk about what we have to do to reinforce the immune system again.

1. Drinking water in sufficient quantity

If sufficient quantity of water is consumed daily, it can be helpful in strengthening the immune system, because adequate amount of water fixes the functioning of the kidney and it becomes easy to remove the toxic substances from the body.

2. Enough sleep also boost immune system

6-8 hours of sleep is necessary for the body and brain to function properly and if there is a lack of adequate sleep, then immune system cannot get time to rebuild and this system of the body is weak goes.

3. Keeping distance from stress

The stress that is assumed to be an integral part of its life nowadays, the same tension indirectly reduces the immunity of the body. Due to stress, the digestive system becomes weak and it also affects the immune system.

4. Yoga help to boost immune system

To make the body healthy, yoga should be practiced regularly. Exercising regularly is less likely to fall sick because exercise can help keep the body fit from outside as well as strengthen the immunity.

Diet can be very helpful in increasing our immunity, so now we talk about foods that increase immunity –

5. Garlic food

Garlic is the most important food item in immunization. Antioxidants found in this protect the body from many diseases, and the allicin element present in it helps the body fight bacteria and various types of infections.

Therefore, taking garlic in the diet, immunization can be increased by eating 2 raw buds of garlic every morning.

6. Linseed

Linseed is called immunities booster because it contains omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acids which are very helpful in strengthening our immune system.

7. Curd

Dahi is not only rich in calcium but also contains mineral elements like vitamins, proteins, phosphorus, iron and lactose. These nutrients present in curd not only protect the body from bacteria, but also strengthen the immune system.

8. Green vegetables boost immune system

Green vegetables are very helpful in increasing immunity because they have plenty of vitamins, iron, calcium and fiber. Anti-oxidants present in green vegetables also destroy free radicals in the body and strengthen the body’s immunity.

9. Fruit 

The juicy fruits like orange, seasonal are rich in mineral salts and vitamin C. Such fruit intake makes immunity strong.

10. Sprouted grains

Consumption of sprouts like moong, mol, gram increases the body’s boost immune system. Such grains are nutritious as well as easy to digest.

11. Brinjal Grain

By consuming grains such as wheat, jowar, millet and corn, it helps to remove the problem of constipation, which helps in digestion and strengthens the immune system.

12. Fig

Fig also has abundance of potassium and manganese elements with anti-oxidants. By consuming it the pH level of the body is controlled and immune system is strengthened.

13. Green Tea well known tonic to boost immune system

Green tea rich in anti-oxidants is not only helpful in reducing weight but also strengthening immune system as it also contains the properties of vitamin C and polyphenols that eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.


Apart from these, foods such as mushrooms, chilies, turmeric, cinnamon and dry fruits also prove to be helpful in strengthening the immune system. Friends, even if you have been sick due to weak immunization, but now you know how immunity can be strong, so take this healthy change immediately in your lifestyle. It is expected that the information about the immune system will be strengthened and it will be beneficial for you.


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