overuse of cell phones: overuse of smartphones causes obesity

Overuse of cell phones: Overuse of smartphones causes obesity

Venezuela: According to a research report, using a smartphone five hours a day or more can make you fat.

According to details, today’s younger generation spends most of their time with Smartphone, which limits physical activity, according to a research report by Simon Bolivar University Colombia.

Cause of Obesity:

Overuse of cell phones not only causes obesity; it also increases the risk of heart attacks in young people.

There are numerous benefits or services that can be gained with new technology and mobile phones, but overuse of them also reinforces negative behaviors.

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overuse of a cell phones can lead to premature death, diabetes, heart attack, various cancers, outbreaks and many other diseases.

According to research by Simon Bolivar University, 1060 university students found that overuse of mobile phones led to 63.9 percent weight gain in women and 57.4 percent in men.

After the analysis was completed, it was revealed that the risk of obesity among young people who use smartphone for five hours or more daily was 43% higher than that of younger smartphone users.


Experience has also revealed that people use energy drinks, fast food, dessert when using smartphones, eating these things also increases obesity.

Overuse of cell phones accounted for 63.9% of the weight in women and 57.4% of the obesity in men.


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