Today we’re going to give it a healthy, bright, flavour-packed Mediterranean Salad twist. I’m Shahbaz Ali with the Mediterranean, Stockholm. I’m all about wholesome, and today, we’re going to dig into my Mediterranean shrimp pasta salad. All right. 

Healthy Mediterranean Salad

So, let’s just take a quick look at what we have going on with this Mediterranean shrimp pasta salad. So, of course, our past then shrimp are two-star ingredients, but then we have a bunch of great veggies chopped up right here. And then we have a little feta cheese, some avocado and some big bold flavors with mince and parsley.  

Mediterranean salad healthy
We’re going to start this recipe with our dressing right in our big mixing bowl here because we’re going to dump everything into it and then mix it all up. This is not a cream-based pasta salad. And in fact, this is super light and bright and zesty. And that all comes from our lemony dressing here.
So, I’ve got about a quarter cup of lemon juice and then I’m going to even add some lemon zest. Oh, yeah. There’s this here. Gives it even more lemony flavour until your lemon is bald. That’s basically what you’re doing here. Let’s hit it up with our olive oil for this.
You guys. I always use my early harvest extra virgin olive oil. This is an awesome Greek olive oil you can find right on our Web site. The Mediterranean dish, dot com. It has a lot of flavours and which is what you need here when you’re not cooking with olive oil, use a good one. And then we are going to do oregano. And salt and pepper. And then I have paprika, sweet paprika for just a little bit of depth to my dressing, paprika is also available in our shop. 

There we go, One big garlic clove or two smaller ones. Shop like a pro. That looks good.  

Mediterranean salad cucumber

We’re going to give that all a with. With our addressing already in our book, we can just dump everything in here and kind of give it a good mix. Toss goes in. Now, this is obviously already cooked pasta. If it’s a little bit warm, that’s great because it will soak up all the flavours from the dressing. We have a bunch of veggies to go along. You can omit whatever you don’t like and make this pasta salad your own. The star ingredient, shrimp right here. And we’re not skimping on the shrimp. There’s plenty, although. 

Quality Control

So, we’ve got a party going on right here. Oh, yeah. I’ve got an avocado and I’m going to cut and chop. Hopefully, it’s a good one. Not bad. Not bad. I scoop out my avocado, this food. Oh, I have onions. I have onions in my hair. Stay tuned. This is probably not the cleanest way to do it. But, you know, any way you get there, it doesn’t matter. Just chop. Add them in. 
I am about to add some more flavour makers here that go super well with my lemony dressing and that is mint parsley. Don’t be shy with your fresh herbs. That’s what makes this super, super fresh and tasty shop like a pro. Make those in now partially stems. 
You guys are not so hard and they do pack a ton of flavour, so I always leave just a little bit to kind of capitalizing on that flavour. And again. Watch your fingers. Get in here. All right. Let’s give this party a good mix. Of course, remember that our dressing is on the bottom. So, we want to kind of get in and make sure that everything gets coated with that super tasty Mediterranean dressing. We’ll add our feta cheese or not. 

If you’re not a Fatah fan, I will add our Fed cheese. Now give this another quick mix. How easy is this now? This salad makes a great lunch. But again, if you prepare to head, add your avocado super last minute, just the right amount of everything. Nothing is overpowering. There’s not too much pasta.  

Tuna Avocado SALAD 

I’m going to show you how to make delicious and healthy tuna salad. I got all my greens here. So, let’s get started and have some fun and I’ll start with green leaf lettuce. Look at this. It’s beautiful. I love it. And we’ll cut that. And I’ll give it a little more chop. 
Here, I have these hearts I’m going to remove them. That’s done and I’ll transfer it into a mixing bowl. Now our English cucumber I’ll just give it a nice few stripes. 

That’s mostly for visual effect but it can help because it’s easier for me to cook them again. So, in quarters and this way we get really nice size bites and again transferring the ball. I have to sweep cause which I roasted. 

Mediterranean salad with olives

I love the smell across the corner if you like. You can boil them if you do bowl then place them in water and building for about five minutes that will be enough sliced down. And cut off all of the cardinals off of the top If some of them stay like clams don’t water. That’s OK. We’ll break them. And they actually look really beautiful and give a nice look. And I’ll transfer the mixing bowl and next one of cutting the twist. 

Oh no it’s when you remove push that way down this way you won first yourself and I’ll cut the Hokkaido in half Peeling off like that. No just chop it in. But size to keep our avocado from going turning dark.


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