You can also find beautiful skin and black long hair from Indian Spices list. Indian spices list continues to enhance the taste of food, they are also beneficial for health and beauty. You also add 10 Indian spices list to your Beauty Routine and in minutes you get beautiful skin and black-long hair.

1) Turmeric Beauty Benefits 1st Indian spices list.
* Turmeric has excellent antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-aging properties. It is also used in many skin creams.
Mix honey in turmeric and apply it on the face. This will prove to be the best face pack.
* Turmeric is also helpful in reducing facial scars.
2) Cumin Beauty Indian spices list element.
* Add cumin seeds to the water and boil it. Filter and cool. Washing the face with this water makes the face clean and shiny. Bathing with cumin seeds gives relief from stomachache and itching.
* Mix turmeric powder and cumin powder in the ratio of 3: 1. To mix both, you can also use honey instead of water. Put this pack on face Wash the face with water after drying. Skin soft and shiny will be made.
* Simultaneously, the cumin seeds also strengthen hair problems as well. Massage scalp after bathing with olive oil in cumin oil. Hair growth will be good.
3) Rui’s Beauty Benefits spices list
* Rhee works as a natural scrub. Mix it with lavender or rose oil.
* Adding mustard to aloe vera gel keeps the skin hydrated.
* Rye oil strengthens hair too.
4) Beauty benefits of cardamom
* Small cardamom contains plenty of antioxidant, which nourishes the skin.
* It also works with antibacterial.
Cardamom oil is beneficial in skin allergies, as well as protects against skin scars, scars and acne.
* Cardamom food and facial massage with its oil impairs blood circulation, causing the skin to glow.
5) Beauty Benefits of Saffron
* Make face pack by adding olive oil and milk in saffron. Applying it, the color turns out.
Mixing saffron in rose water can also be used as a toner.
* Saffron keeps the skin clean and tidy with acne.
6) Benefits of Beauty Salons
* By applying currant well in coconut oil, applying hair in hair reduces hair loss and hair color is also black.
* Mix the curry in the organic turmeric and grind it. Applying this mixture to acne gets acne fast. Yes, keep in mind that there is a pesticide free (insecticide-free).
* Make a facepack by adding some droplets of multani clay, rose water and daily espresso oil into curry powder. By applying this facepack, the sharp riddles on the face will be hidden, the glow on the face will also come.
7) Beauty benefits of fenugreek
* Fenugreek makes both skin and hair healthy. Mix coconut oil or olive oil in fenugreek paste and apply it in the hair. Wash after drying. The hair will become stronger and the problem of hair loss will also be overcome.
* It is also helpful in removing fenugreek pimples and blackheads. Grind fenugreek and make paste. Mix honey in it and place it on the affected area before sleeping in the night and wash face with lukewarm water in the morning. Within a few days the difference will be visible.
* Festoon also protects the skin from the harmful rays of the Sun as well as enhancing the color.
8) Beauty benefits of nutmeg
* Nutmeg is also used in making soap, shampoo, perfume etc.
* Nutmeg also removes skin related problems. If you are worried about wrinkles, grind nutmeg and make a paste. By applying this coating for one-month continuous wrinkles will end.
* Nutmeg also gives rid of swells and acne.
* To remove dark circles under the eyes, add nutmeg to the night while sleeping, wash it on drying. The Dark Circle will end soon.
9) Owl Beauty Benefits
* Grind carrots and add cucumber juice and rose water to it and get rid of acne and zips.
* Eating of oregano leaves is also beneficial. Drinking juice of its leaves keeps skin hydrated and glows.
* By drinking juice of oregano leaves, hair becomes healthy and beautiful too.
10) Asiatic Beauty Benefits
* Mixing asafetida in Gulabajal and Multani soils eliminates wrinkles and finer lines of face. Keep this face pack for 15 minutes. Then wash with water.
* Applying a little sugar and asafetida in the tomato pulp, the face color fades.
* Heat also removes stiffness of the face. For this mix the milk, rose water, honey and asafoetida and prepare the paste. Keep this face pack in the fridge for regular use.
Keep these things in mind while putting face packs:
* While keeping any face pack on face, keep in mind that they do not go into the eyes. Keep the paste completely away from the eye and eyebrow area.
* Keep in mind that these pastes should not touch the hair, because some spices can bleach hair.
* Apply any mixture directly on the face and apply it on the nudge.
Warning: We have taken cautiously to provide factual information regarding the above medical practices. Still, readers are warned that before using or consuming anything, your doctor or doctor should consult.


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