“Do you have balanced died chart?”. How many meals a day? What should I eat at what meal? If you are looking for a guide to a healthy and balanced diet chart, hang this list on your refrigerator.

How many meals a day?

Snacks provide the nutrients you need daily without being loaded into your body. Three snacks, fruit and nuts, yogurt or milk and protein supplements, a total of 6-7 meals per day are ideal.

What foods should be included in the daily balanceddiet chart?

In order to get the basic protein, vitamins and carbohydrates you need in a balanced way, your daily nutrition program should include the following food groups:
1) pulses
2) The fish
3) Red meat
4) Vegetables
5) Salads
6) Fruits
7) Nuts
8) Bread, rice or pasta
9) Egg
10) Cheese
11) Oil

How to prepare a balanced diet chart?

What should I eat at what meal?


You should start your day by taking protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.
Eggs, feta cheese, some greens and 1-2 slices of bread fulfill this task.


For lunch, you can choose from: Pulses, vegetables, red meat, yogurt, salad and bread, pasta or rice.
If you are eating meat, you only need to buy salad and some carbohydrates.
You can support vegetable dishes with one or two spoons of pulses.
Beside pulses, you only need to eat salad and yogurt.


Your alternatives for dinner: fish, vegetables or pulses, yogurt, bread, pasta or rice, as digestion is easier than red meat.
If you eat fish you just get a salad next to it.
Prefer vegetables or pulses. Next to it you can eat yogurt and salad.
Choose a different type of vegetables and pulses at each meal.


Eat fruit between meals where blood sugar drops and the feeling of hunger arises.
If you choose a different fruit at each meal, you will get different vitamins and minerals.


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