You must also try the homemade face pack for pimples and fairness. If you want a Healthy-Glowing Skin, then insert the homemade face pack for pimples and fairness, these pack will give you skin in minutes for a beautiful color. By wearing the homemade face pack for every kind of skin, your skin will remain beautiful and problem free.

Homemade face mask for acne and fairness

1) Grind peanuts with milk. Mix honey in it and place it on the face. Natural oil, which is present in groundnut, serves as the finest moisturizer.
2) Massage the cabbage with a juice and massage it on the face. Wash on drying. It has skin tone and does not cause wrinkles.
3) If the skin is too oily, then apply apple slices on the face. This reduces the amount of extra oil in the skin.
4) If your skin is sensitive, then add 1 table spoon of honey and water. Scrub faces with this Wash the face with cold water.
5) Mix 2 teaspoons of curd in half an orange juice and massage it on the face. Wash on drying. There will be a beautiful glow on the face.
6) Rub tomatoes on the face. Wash on drying. This is also the easiest and best solution for oily skin.
7) Mix half a banana and mix a little honey in it and leave it on dry skin for 20 minutes, the face will glow immediately.
8) Pour half a cup of cooked papaya mash in half cup rice flour. Pour half a lemon juice into it and make a paste and face massage. Rubbing on drying, get rid of it. This pack cleanses the skin.
9) In 1 tsp Chironji Powder, add 1 tsp Gulab petals paste and milk. Mix well on the face and scrub the face with light hands. Wash with cold water. This pack gives a clean-looking look to the skin.
10) Mix 2 tablespoons orange juice, a teaspoon honey and half teaspoon oatmeal powder on the face. Wash the face with light hot water after 20 minutes. This pack shows the color.


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