Home remedies for dandruff:  Dandruff treatment shampoo fast removal

Home remedies for dandruff: Dandruff treatment shampoo fast removal

Hair is the face of our faces, the form is blossomed, personality blossoms. To be told the truth, these are your accessories that are always with you and give you beauty! This crowning glory are the crown of nature and therefore their care is very important.

Actually, the hair is made of protein. This protein is called keratin. It is strong and flexible braided or fighting. When we cannot take care of hair properly, all the problems related to hair are born – like dandruff, hair fall, lifelessness and two mouths.

Let’s talk about the biggest enemy of hair i.e. dandruff ‘s. The main reason for this being is not to properly clean the hair. Due to dirt and pollution on the skin of the head after washing the hair, one layer gets accumulated. As a result, the pores of the skin of the head are closed and due to dandruff, the skin of the head becomes rigid and it is highly itchy, it is called dandruff.

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These measures and home remedies for dandruff for fast dandruff removal

* Shampoo four times a week. The use of steam towel by massaging the head oil once a week.

* Mix one teaspoon coconut oil and one teaspoon lemon juice in the Multani Mitti and wash it with water for one hour.

* Do not wash hair with hot water. Washing with cold water, washing with cold water for the last time.

* Applying one egg in Hina for conditioning of hair.

* Put some drops of ginger juice in olive oil and apply it in the roots of hair. Shampoo hair after one hour. You can also add Shakakai and fenugreek powder.

* After shampooing hair, after wiping it with towel, add two large spoon mayonnaise in two large spoon yogurt and apply the mixture in the hair. After 10-12 minutes wash hair.

*  Amla and Shikakai powder in equal quantity soak over hot water overnight and after mixing it with curd in the next day, apply it in the hair and this home remedies for helpful in dandruff.

* After shampooing, apply vinegar and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply it on the head skin for 5-10 minutes then wash the hair.

* Mixing Jojoba oil and coconut oil slowly molush the skin of the head with the fingers of the finger. Shampoo after steam towel.

* Mix Neem leaves with basil leaves and make paste. Then add lemon juice to it and apply it for one hour in the hair then wash the hair.


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