If you do not clean your mouth well, then you can become a victim of diseases such as heart attack and brain stroke. Actually, the bacteria found in the mouth are dangerous. These bacteria attach blood (blood clotting) to the arteries, causing the blood flow to the organs. These bacteria when you make blood clotting in your brain’s arteries or arteries, the person becomes a victim of brain stroke and heart attack. Apart from this, you can become victims of other serious diseases associated with artery due to lack of mouth cleansing. Brushing every day is important, so that these bacteria formed in the mouth can be eliminated.

Heart attack and brain stroke cannot be prevented by cleansing the mouth

Bacteria accumulate blood
Brain stroke or ischemic heart can be a victim of diseases. A recent research has revealed that the bacteria found in the mouth are accumulated in the arteries, causing the person to be stroke. Researchers at Tempere University of Finland examined blood clots (accumulated blood) samples of 75 patients who came to the treatment of Ischemic stroke in Tempere University Hospital.

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Blood sampled probe
79% of DNA found in the blood clots found on patients who tested blood clots (frozen blood) were made by mouth bacteria. While these patients were found in the second part of the body, these bacteria were very small in the blood. Researchers concluded that bacteria formed in the mouth can cause heart attack and brain stroke. This research has been featured in a journal called ‘Journal of the American Heart Association’.
Had been running for 10 years
Researchers at Tempere University have been searching for the last 10 years to see what the role of bacteria is in cardiovascular diseases (Arterial Diseases). Many researches have been done in this regard before that there is a risk of heart attack due to lack of clean mouth and bacterial growth in the mouth. Apart from this, these bacteria can also cause Deep Wayne thrombosis (blood clotting in the arteries of the foot).


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