There were lots of discussions on what to do to stay healthy food, but some experts say that ten habits of health are easy to make and effective. These habits are the changes in the way of life. E.g. Eat food properly Such eating makes it easy to digest it. Your action is not in the stomach. It starts with the tooth. The diet experts called sugar and salt white as a substance. Even if it is poisoned, it cannot be eaten by eating them. 

Sugar can be made for a lot of time, but it should be used for a limited amount without removing the salt. Because sugar contributes to diabetes and blood pressure increases with salt. These two disorders are at the root of many disorders and they never cure.

Healthy food habits essay

The experts also warn about tea, but tea cannot be used. By rejecting your usual tea, we can do green tea. It has many immunologic properties. Milk is considered healthy food, but these people are also warning about it. Water is like this, but it is very important that how often and when does it rash. 

Drink water in the morning as soon as you get up.  Do not drink water while eating or drinking anything. Do not drink water for 45 minutes on end of meal or if you want to eat one hour. This habit is especially useful for people who are missed. Always do not miss out on daily exercise by traveling people. Do not miss eating times on travel. Get out of your home while eating.

Sitemap workers should do the exercise as soon as possible and take time out of their work. Move hands and feet. Strain the feet. If you have to look for a computer, look for plants in a short time. Eat more than once every four times a day, and after every meal, try to be diagnosed for ten minutes. Even though other exercises do not get time, the diagnosis was only half an hour and fitness lasted. The last tip is sleeping. Quickly get up early and wake up early but choose the time to sleep well. Dinner and sleep time should be at least 2 hours apart. Doing so sleeps well. Otherwise the food in the stomach is not digested and it does not let you sleep calmly.


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