The main root of the disease in the body is considered to be stomach. According to experts, diseases start with stomach only. Actually, the digestive system is an impact port of our body. It digests our food and the nuittites from it provide the whole body. Therefore, the digestive system must always be right.

According to the experts, the morning stomach is well marked, the greatest sign of being healthy. While indigestion and indigestion work to make us sick
According to Dr. Rajkumar, the constabulary is not only old but also the youngsters. According to him, due to lack of sleep, tension, drugs and smoking also cause constipation. Fix it like your digestive system

According to Dr. Rajkumar there are many reasons for many problems, including indigestion, constipation or indigestion in the stomach. But its origin is a new lifestyle, i.e. a changed routine. According to them, these problems related to the stomach i.e. the digestive system can be healthy in many ways.

1. Drink more quantity of water – Water is precious for us. Most people drink very little water. We should drink about 2 to 4 liters of water in a day. If your digestive system is not well, then you can consume it by drinking more water to a great extent. It caters the amount of water in our body, which makes it easier to digest food. So, drink water and drink plenty.

2. Keep your daily routine – It is very important for a person to have a good routine. If your routines are not balanced, then you will have to face many minor problems throughout the day. You can remove digestive system from a better routine. Keep your routine right from morning till night to sleep, and at the right time you can have your meal. If your daily routine is right then your body will continue to move accordingly. By which the digestive system will also be cured.

3. Get to sleep early in the night – many people stay awake late due to work and many due to their bad routine. They do not sleep early and get up late in the morning. Staying awake till late night causes adverse effects on the digestive system. Therefore, after eating after a night, you can sleep a little bit, but if you stay awake till late night then your digestive system is bad. The remedy to avoid this is to change the habit of sleep late in the night. It is necessary to improve the food to improve digestion.

4. Take deep and good sleep – sleep has a profound impact on our body. The way we need to eat, just like sleeping is very important for us. It’s also hard to imagine good health without good sleep. Many people think that they can keep themselves fit even when they get less sleep. But do you know that you can do this for a few days, but for a long time you will lose your health. According to the experts, one should take good sleep for 8 to 9 hours in one day.

5. Do the stress away – Today the stress has become a very big enemy for the people. Stress man hides inwardly like a termite inside a man. By which the person is surrounded by many diseases. Taking excessive stress causes the digestive system to get worse. Therefore, remove stress from your life.

6. Fast food to say goodbye – everyone wants to taste. And in the same tastes we eat fast food. Someone likes it less, so much more than anyone who likes it, daily use of them spoils their digestive system. At the same time, those who use it sometimes have less trouble.

7. Surely physical activity – Digestive system is mostly bad for people who do not do physical work. There are many people whose work is not physical. Such people can do some physical work in their daily routine. If they do not work, they can wake up in the morning and stroll. Walk around or can run. Besides, doing sports or cycling is also beneficial for them.

8. Food at the right time – Dine at the right time is a sign of good health. From breakfast to dinner, you should have time to eat your meal. Our body molds us according to our daily routine. If we ever consume 1 hour before 1 hour, our food will be irregular every day.
Which disturbs our digestive system. If you take your breakfast at 8 in the morning then take it at the same time every day. Do the same at lunch and dinner. We must need to make improvement in food to improve digestion.

9. Do not decrease food and drink – it is a problem of many people that when they feel hungry, they do not eat anything and when they are not hungry, they stomach something in the stomach. It is difficult to become healthy if you reduce your eating habits, which is wrong. Whenever you feel hungry, do not stop yourself, eat something at that time. If you give food to the body during hunger then the digestive system will also be good.

10. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes – Alcohol and cigarettes are not good for our health. It may not be necessary to tell you. Even though you know this, people continue to consume it despite knowing it. By continuously consuming these, our digestive system gets worse and many diseases are also encompassed. Also, keep distance from tea and coffee. It is necessary to improve food to improve digestion.

Measures to keep the stomach correct

 Include fiber in the food: – Include fiber-rich food items such as cherries, capsicum, whole grains and almonds in your food. Adding these foods to your diet will keep you fit.

Eat yogurt: – In curd is probiotic, which keeps digestion good. To increase digestion, taking yogurt is very beneficial.

Drink lemonade: – If you do not like to drink hot water in the morning, then in a glass squeeze the lemon juice and drink it. This reduces the acid formed in your stomach and your stomach will also be clean.

Drink hot water: – If you are having difficulty digesting food then drink hot water. Drink hot water in the morning and drinking water at least 30 minutes before meals, the digestive system is okay. Eat plenty of Vitamin C: eat plenty of Vitamin C foods like tomato, kiwi and strawberry. Eat fruits and vegetables, filled with vitamin C.
 Increase such digestive power.
1. Eat Cardamom– Eating Cardamom is very beneficial for a pregnant woman. It removes digestive problems of pregnant woman. You can do cardamom with tea.

2. Eat ginger – Ginger keeps digestive juices and enzymes that digest food in our body. Its juice prevents digestion power from getting worse. You should consume ginger to correct 
and consume bad digestion.

3. Take the lemon – lemon is very beneficial for our health. By consuming it, it removes many problems in our stomach. Lemon removes our indigestion and stomach gas. It is also beneficial for our digestive power.

4. Eat salad– If the salad is eaten, the fun of eating increases twice. The salad is good for good food as well as good for health. If you want to digest well, then take a salad with food. In which you can take lemons, tomatoes and onions.

5. Eat Guava – Guava is a very fruitful fruit that is nutritious. Guava is found in vitamin C, phosphorus and potassium which is good for health. By taking intake of guava, brain, heart and digestive power are strengthened. Use fennel – You can take snuff to remove acidity, reduce chest irritation and digest well. By taking one teaspoon of fennel a day, the digestive tract remains true.

6. Take Aloe Vera – Use aloe Vera to strengthen digestion. Aloe Vera removes our digestive diseases, which include swelling and stomach ulcers. With water you can use the Aloe Vera gel.

7. Use turmeric – Turmeric removes indigestion, ulcers, bile and other problems related to digestion of our body. Taking turmeric with a glass of water to remove digestive problems.

8. Keeping the alma– Alma removes vitamin C deficiency in our body. By continuously consuming the veal, it protects our digestive system from deforming. Grind the gooseberry and add black pepper, asafetida and cumin seeds to it. It is necessary to fix the food to improve digestion.

9. Eat papaya – Raw papaya is very good for health. Vitamins are not stored in the body due to intestinal weakness; we can get vitamin C from papaya intake. There is a Papine that divides the protein and makes the food digestible and makes the digestion process strong.

10. Eat bananas – Banana is found in every season and every season. This is very good for our stomach. Along with being cheap, it also increases our digestive power. So, eat bananas and make your health.

Apart from this, you should include coriander, sprouts, wheat and barley bread in your diet and keep these fruits common, pomegranate, figs, guava and oranges. These fruits will keep your stomach clean so that your digestive system will be strengthened. Other home remedies for improving pineapple.
  •    Always chew your diet
  •    Eat chewing, which makes the food well digested.
  •    Eating yogurt is good for our digestion, add yogurt to the food.
  •    Taking sweet pomegranate juice in the mouth improves gut flaw and increases digestion.
  •    The digestive system remains correct even by drinking celery boiling in water.
  •    By taking 3 grams of black mustard daily, the indigestion of constipation is removed.
  •    Pineapple juice is beneficial for our digestion.
  •    Sugar mixed with sugar in the leaves of guava is eaten by indigestion.
  •    The marmalade of the herb is also good for our digestion.
  •    Keeping the black salt on the lemon will litter the drought.


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