“Essay on health is wealth” is a common and popular word. We should always keep in mind that, in fact, money is only money, however, health is the biggest money in the world. We must tell our children about this prevailing common proverb. For this, you can use essays on “Health is Money” available here. You can make your children aware about health by using essays on the health of simple words written in simple words.

Essay No 01 on ” Essay on health is wealth” (100 words)
It is absolutely true that “health is wealth”. Because, our body lives with us in all our good and bad circumstances. Nobody in this world can help in our bad times. Therefore, if our health is okay, then we can face any bad situation in our life. If someone is not healthy then he will be suffering from health or other problems in life instead of enjoying life.

In order to maintain good health, we need to adopt balanced food, regular mild exercise, fresh air, clean water, adequate sleep and comfort, hygiene, regular medical check-up, teachers and teachers.

Essay No 02 (150 words) on ” Essay on health is wealth
Health is wealth, this simple saying goes well in everyone’s life. Good health is the real wealth, that is, the wealth that always has the ability to help us. Good health is the most important part of our life without which we are incomplete and live unhealthy lives. Good health is really better than money and other things in the world.

To be healthy and healthy we must eat standard and healthy food. We should follow the proverbs like “Going to bed early, getting up early in the morning, making a person healthier, richer and intelligent”, “time and tide no one does not even wait for anyone.” We should clean our teeth twice a day to keep our mouth clean and free from diseases. We should always wash our hands with soap and water before eating it. We must maintain personal hygiene to get good health. We should take a bath with fresh water every day and go for the morning walk to take fresh air.

Essay No 03 (200 words) on “Essay on health is wealth “
As we know, “” health is wealth “” is the famous and common saying. It’s just like life, it’s absolutely true. Good health always gives us the feeling of happiness and complete physical, mental, social and intellectual well-being. A good health always keeps us away from evil and health problems. The destruction of good health causes the destruction of all happiness. A great freedom fighter, Quid E Azam (also called Father of nation), had said, “It is health that is real wealth, not gold and silver coins.”

A good health helps us to live a good, balanced and healthy life. For good health we need to do a lot of things on a daily basis. We need fresh air, clean water, adequate sunlight, a balanced diet, staying away from junk food, clean and healthy environment, greenery atmosphere, walking in the morning, personal hygiene, adequate education etc.

Healthy food at the right time is very essential for a healthy body, which is possible only by balanced food. It promotes adequate growth and development of our body, which keeps us healthy, mentally, physically and socially. With the help of good health, we can fight with any of the worst situations in life. We must always remember that, we should have enough food, water, air, physical activity, time to sleep and rest.

Essay No 04 on ” Essay on health is wealth” (250 words)
Commonly saying “health is wealth” means very simple and simple. This means that our good health is our real wealth or money, which gives us good health and intuition and enables us to face all the challenges of life. Good health promotes good physical, mental and social health. I fully agree with this saying that health is the real wealth, because it helps us on all aspects. Good health by saving mental and physical diabetes (diabetes) as well as other medical conditions in which cancer Diabetes, heart disease, fatal diseases, etc.

A physically and in disposedly ill person has to make many challenges throughout his life, even if he has to rely on someone else to fulfill his regular needs. This situation is very embarrassing for a person who is facing all this. Therefore, in the end it is best to be happy in all respects and to maintain our health in order to do all our work. It is true that we need money for maintaining good health and good health to earn money. But it is also true that our good health helps us all the time and encourages us to do something better in our lives instead of earning money.

Essay No 05 on ” Essay on health is wealth” (300 words)
Nowadays good health is like a boon given to God. It is true that health is true wealth. Good health is the most valuable income a person earns throughout his life. If someone loses his health, then he loses all the charm of life. Good money can be earned anytime by using good health, although once good health is lost, it cannot be recovered at any cost. To maintain good health, we need regular physical exercise, yoga, meditation, balanced food, good thoughts, hygiene, personal hygiene, regular clinical examination, adequate sleep and rest. If someone is healthy, then there is no need to buy medicine for their health or meet with doctors. A healthy person needs to spend a few funds on his health regularly. However, on the other hand, a lazy, diseased or sick person has to spend money on his health throughout his life.

Generally, people fail to make a good health in their lives because of their lazy and inactive habits. They think that whatever they are doing is all right, but as long as they understand their mistake, the time has already passed before that. A good health is that which keeps us healthy in all aspects; Such as mental, physical, social and intellectual. A good health gives us freedom from all diseases and diseases. A good health is a feeling of mental, physical and social well-being. It is a priceless gift of life and the purpose is essential for a complete life.

A good health gives us the ability to work without being tired longer. Good health is actually a real pleasure and charm of life. An unhealthy person is always concerned about his physical and mental complexities. Therefore, to get rid of all the complexities of the body, it is necessary to maintain good health in order to get rid of all the challenges of life.

Essay No 06 (400 words) on ” Essay on health is wealth”
As we all are living in the fastest, crowded and busy times. We have to do a lot of work throughout the day to earn money, however, we forget that, good health is essential for our healthy life just like water and air. We forget to take adequate food, exercise, adequate rest, and make false money on time. We should not forget that the real wealth in our lives is our health. For everyone, it is true that “health is wealth”.

A good health reduces stress and promotes healthy life without any problems. We must always be aware of our health and perform regular health checks. To maintain good health, we should keep balanced food on time, containing fresh fruits, salads, green vegetables, milk, eggs, curd etc. For a good health some physical activities, adequate rest, cleanliness, healthy environment, fresh air and water, personal hygiene etc. are also required. Maintaining good health is good practice to reduce the crowd from the front of hospitals. Maintaining good health is a good habit, with the help of parents, it should be practiced since childhood.

In earlier days, life was not so busy. Life was very simple and compared to these days, with a healthy environment, many of the challenges were free. People were healthy because they used to do all the work of their daily lives themselves with their hands and body. But today, life in the technological world has become very simple and comfortable and has been busy due to competition. Nowadays, easy life is not possible because, want to earn more money to lead a better life than all others. Nowadays, life has become sick and has become unhealthy because it is difficult, because all things; Like – air, water, environment, food etc. have become contaminated, infected and polluted.

People have to work at the office without any physical activity at least 9 to 10 hours sitting on the chair. They come home late in the evening or at night and are too tired to do any work or exercise in the house. Again, the next morning, they wake up late and do some necessary tasks, such as brushing, bathing, taking breakfast and going to their office. In this way, they only win their daily routines to earn money, not for the life of their own. Making money in order to meet the basic needs of your daily life is very important, however, it is also necessary to lead a healthy and peaceful life, which requires good health.


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