Drink Coffee: Bad News eager of coffee

Drink Coffee: Bad News Eager of Coffee

Are you eager to drink coffee? Then you will be shocked to learn that drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day can increase your risk of migraine or headache.

 A study published in the American General of Medicine looked at migraine sufferers.  Experts found that these individuals had a migraine attack when they drank more than 3 cups of coffee that day or the day before. On the contrary, drinking 1 or 2 cups did not hurt them.

Nasal Pain

Be aware that half the headache is nasal pain or migraine is very painful, it can cause pain in one area of ​​the head and make the patient suffering from unbearable pain. There is no regular treatment for migraine, but it can be time to get comfortable at home.
Harvard University experts say there are many other causes of migraine, one of which is sleep deprivation, but although the complexity of coffee is very complex, in some cases coffee can reduce the severity of the disease. 


Earlier a study was told that liking our tea or coffeedepends on our genetics or DNA. People whose genetics can withstand bitter and unpleasant flavors are the only ones who like to drink bitter coffee. In contrast, some people’s genetics are sensitive to bitter flavors, such people naturally like to drink tea.


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