Cucumber Tomato and onion salad, Today I’m going to write to you all. How to make a very simple cucumber tomato and onion salad yet. So tasty salad that I absolutely love this salad is a childhood memory of mine. Here’s what you’ll need cucumbers.
  • cucumbers tomatoes onions black pepper salt
  • white sugar white vinegar and
  • one and a half cups of ice-cold water

Tip No 1 – Make a simple recipe of Cucumber Tomato and Onion Salad

The first thing that we need to do is come over here. We make sure your vegetables are nice and rinsed off. We’re going to start to slice the cucumber just like so when you’re slicing your cucumber, make sure your fingers are tucked in this way. So that you cannot cut yourself. Okay, so let’s go ahead and slice them about this size okay. It’s not too thin and not too thick now.
This cucumber tomato and onion salad, you can make this salad in the summertime in the springtime when you’re having a cookout. This is one of the best salads to bring and yet like I said so simple it gives you like a sweet and sour taste. You get that sweet from the sugar and then you got the sour from the vinegar and you put that pepper oil in there a little bit of salt.
Cucumber Tomato and Onion Salad Recipe
it’s just very delicious and refreshing. What a great salad to make or to bring to a party. Let’s cut these just like so all right and make sure your water is ice water. Okay, I find it keeps the vegetables very fresh and it kind of takes the bite well. It does take the bite out of the onions so that the onions aren’t so pungent.
My cucumbers delicious, we’re going to go ahead and cut this other one. Now, if you want it to feel free to slice a different way. You could cut them into squares. If you want it that’s really up to you or you could peel these. If you want it okay, it won’t make the taste any difference whatever, you decide to do is just fine get this nice and sliced now tonight I’m making that fried chicken thighs.
Marinated cucumber tomato and onion salad recipe all-day and you will realize things about yourself you
tomato cucumber salad balsamic

Mashed Potatoes to make creamy cucumber tomato salad

I’m going to make mashed potatoes. We’re going to have, this refreshing salad to go on the side. Okay here we go, guys, Let’s cut that a little bit awesome here. We go now for the onions. We’re going to, I’ll show you. We’re going to kind of quarter the onions all right just like so we might at my family. When I was growing up my dad always made this. My dad had a yeah he had a garden when I was growing up and he would take advantage of using these cucumbers.
These beautiful tomatoes, onions and make a cucumber tomato and onion salad. Okay, see that just like this toss that in there awesome. I’m going to use one large onion and one small onion. I used the two large two cucumbers and we’ll see how many tomatoes, I use I might use two maybe even use three.
I love the taste of the sugar and vinegar on these tomatoes. It gives it such a delicious flavour, always fold your fingers in just like this when you’re cutting here. We go just like so let me cut that off awesome just like this nice. I was last night, I was in bed and I was thinking like. I want to do another recipe what can I do well I went to the grocery store this morning and I’ve seen these beautiful cucumbers and tomatoes and I said bingo I have to do cucumber tomato and onion salad.
I mean, I’m just taking the core out. Now we just sort of cutting these in this manner. just like so okay and this is a quarter tomato, it’s almost sliced, I think I’m slicing it more than I’m quartering it but that’s okay. It’s going to be tasty either way right you know what I appreciate you all have who have been reading my blog and who has liked to my Facebook page.
healthy cucumber tomato salad
Why I’ll never marinate cucumber tomato and onion salad recipe
I’m actually over a hundred followers, liker and I honestly couldn’t believe that I could even get there. So, now I just want to take this time to thank you all for reading my blog. Liking my Facebook page and sharing cooking is my passion. I’m always going to cook. I’m always going to have fun in my kitchen. Make a fun blog this right here, this is what I like to do. this is what makes me happy guys.
I’m enjoying making this blog post. when I’m done with this guy. I’m going to make a fried chicken blog post or do you have a fried-chicken blog post but I’m going to do another one. I’m enjoying myself, I’m having so much fun sharing my recipes with you all hearing your comments okay we’re almost done with this.
I’m not going to get too mushy on you guys but thank you all right. let I wipe my cutting board off. Okay, awesome now let me show you what we’re going to do here. We’re going to taste this several times so that we can get the right flavour that we’re looking for.
Okay, now the flavour that you’re looking for a sour and sweet in peppery flavour now throughout the year’s people have changed the original recipe. They started using what is called Italian dressing. I’ve tried it that way and I don’t want to use it. I don’t want to do it that way, I want to do it the old-time way, I want to do it the way that I grew up tasting. I want those flavours. Okay, and I want you all to taste those flavours all right.
English cucumber and tomato salad
So, now let’s go ahead and put some black pepper input a nice amount is okay because we have a nice amount of vegetables. All right and then we’re going to mix them in and get some pepper throughout the rest just like. So we’re going to put some salt in but not a lot of salt just like this.

Tomato Cucumber Salad Balsamic Recipe

Okay, let’s start out with 1 cup of white sugar, it may look like a lot but it’s not for this recipe guys like I said this is sweet and sour. Okay, let’s go ahead and like I said my water here has ice that’s a cup and a half of water go ahead and disperse that just like. So and now what we want to do let’s go ahead and start out with one cup a little just a little over one cup of white vinegar okay get that in there just like this guy all right and as you can see yeah let’s see let me show you the liquid is right up to here okay.
I want to get my liquid up to here so now what I’m going to do and get me some ice all right and as you put more water you put more flavour okay just like so let’s go ahead and put up a little bit more vinegar I’m going to put another half cup of white vinegar all right and I’m going to put a little bit more sugar all right let’s see I’m going to use our half cup all right. 
I accidentally just put my sugar in with my oil I had two tablespoons of olive oil in here okay and there it is right there you can see it right there are two tablespoons of oil all right now let’s go ahead and mix this up very well just like so I have my water up to here that makes me happy that way everything can soak down in there and we’re just going to leave this on the kitchen counter for about 25 minutes and let it kind of marinate all through okay after the 25 minutes.
We’re going to go ahead and cover this up with aluminium foil put it in the refrigerator alright. And just let it sit and let it marry all together, let these flavours get in touch with each other and when we taste those guys, you will not believe the flavour.
This flavour is so good and actually here after a second. I’m going to put a little bit more pepper. I’m going to steer the bottom of this because I can hear that sugar and I can hear the pepper. I want to kind of dissolve the sugar a little bit. Okay, so make sure you stir it up well let’s say I’m going to put a little bit more pepper in here.
cucumber tomato salad apple cider vinegar
Here’s how to marinated cucumber tomato and onion salad a recipe like a professional
I’m going to give this just a little taste mmm oh. Yes that’s what I’m looking for that is what I’m looking for guys a little bit of salt. it’s a little bit. Okay, a little bit pepper well nice amount of pepper, okay you want to taste that pepper in there. Okay, they actually should call this sweet and sour salad that’s what I would name it but they don’t they call it cucumber tomato and onion salad and like I said feel free to use the Italian dressing that’s how I do it nowadays but this right here it doesn’t get any better than the old-fashioned way.
it doesn’t get any better than this now keep this on a counter for 25 minutes all right after 25 minutes I throw this in a refrigerator and make sure you push it down this way push it down so everything can get nice and marinate all right once the marinades for about 25 minutes we’ll throw it in the refrigerator and then after we put it in the refrigerator I’ll come back and I’ll taste it and I’ll let you guys know how it tastes to be right back okay.
Everyone I’m back our cucumber tomato and onion salad has marinated on the calendar for 25 minutes and then in the refrigerator for two hours let me show you what we got guys, I’m so excited this is one of my favourites, we’re salads guys this right here look at this speaks summertime Oh this speaks barbecue parties delicious guys give this a try my mouth is watering right now oh my goodness talk to any of your parents and your grandparents they’ll remember this recipe.
Right here, they’ll say oh yeah you know people just you know sometimes they don’t make things the same like they used to I do okay let’s go in I have to taste this oh my goodness. I must get some of the juice first this juice you can just drink it right out the bowl seriously it is so good what a great taste sweet and sour even the onions it takes that pungent off of those onions oh man.

Cucumber tomato salad apple cider vinegar

I’m so excited oh my goodness let me get a juicy tomato here beautiful onion another tomato and just that two tablespoons of oil that’s just enough oil okay a little bit more juice well this is awesome okay here I go, guys, let me zoom me in mmm look at that was that delicious or what okay look at this where am I going to start let’s start with the tomato okay come to me cucumber mmm got that sweet and sour, mmm it’s tangy and salty hmm it’s sweet it’s peppery it’s everything you want when you think about a cucumber tomato and onion salad oh my goodness.
tomato cucumber salad balsamic
let me get onions mm-hmm to love this guy is like absolutely mm-hmm. I got a fork right here but guess what I’m going to race to sip the juice out of my bow hold on guys. How delicious guys mmm try this recipe make it for your family, make it for your next barbecue your next potluck.
I promise you everyone will love this, hmm you wouldn’t believe the flavour and it comes off to have these vegetables even the onions it totally alters the flavoured tomato. Okay, I eat that tomato and I’m done guys and as always, if you all enjoyed this recipe don’t forget to give me a thumbs up. If you haven’t like to my Facebook page then make sure, you like to my Facebook page and as always God bless, have a great night and thank you so much for reading mmm. you guys are really going to enjoy this recipe.



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