Cucumber Salad recipe mixed with Corn and Tomato
Cucumber salad recipe mixed with corn and tomato. I’m going to make a light and crisp summer corn salad. it’s absolutely delicious a perfect side dish with either some plain boring grilled chicken breasts. 

Best Cucumber, tomato and Corn Salad Recipe 

It just spices it up and gives it a lot of character by just having this alongside. 
It just kind of makes it less boring or you can have it with grilled fish or anything you want really.  So, let me take you already ingredients. So, we can get started.
you’re going to need some fresh corn. I’ll talk about this in just a minute fresh lime. some scallion’s jalapeno. some cherry tomatoes. that have quartered some red bell pepper. 
Finely diced a mixture of fresh parsley and cilantro finely chopped some pepper and extra virgin olive oil. 
So, now for the corn, you can either use white or yellow. As long as, It’s nice and sweet and in season. And you can either have it boiled from you know the night before or you can have it grilled or you can use a roll. 
Cucumber Salad recipe

Tips About Corn, Tomato and Cucumber Salad Recipe

It doesn’t really matter. This has been partially cooked and it’s been boiled. So, it’s really simple and it’s delicious and it’s sweet. So, I’m going to do, now it’s pretty much just cut the kernels. Right off the cob chop up my scallions nice. And fine you can also use a little bit of red onion or regular white onion. 
I prefer scallions because I think they’re milder in flavour, so they’re not you know as harsh when you bite into them. They don’t have that overwhelming sort of onion flavour but they’re still oniony which I like.
And then we’re going to add in remove. This so you can see better add in our tomatoes and you can like to increase or decrease any of the vegetables.
easy cucumber salad recipes

Answers to Your Questions About Corn, Tomato and Cucumber Salad Recipe

You can change them up however you prefer this just happens to be one of my favourite combinations. It’s very like tex-mex inspired which I really like. So now I’m going to add in some jalapeno and if you’re brave, you can leave the seeds in but the seeds are the hottest part of the pepper and I like it but I don’t like it that hot.
So, I’m just going to take the seeds out and then I’m going to finely mince. this nearly, there makes sure not to touch your face after you worked with hot peppers. I made that mistake once or twice. The first time, I remember doing. it was when I was about 10 maybe. I was at my grandmother’s with my cousins.  I used to always like play kitchen. And stuff and we were outside playing, and we found a bunch of peppers.
cucumber and tomato salad
How Corn, Tomato and Cucumber Salad Recipe Is Taking Over and What to Do About It.
We decided to play with them not realizing. They were hot and I rubbed my eyes. I cried for probably eight hours because it was the worst pain of my life.
So, bad experience and I don’t recommend it squeeze in my lime a nice amount of extra-virgin olive oil and then we’re going to season it with salt pepper. 
The black pepper gives it a totally different flavour from the jalapeno but if you don’t want to keep. If you don’t want to use it in more than welcome not to let’s give this a nice toss. let’s give it us a taste, I’m really concerned about the corn really oh yeah gotten. 
So good but I will say, this it’s delicious right now. But what I’m going to do to make it even better is cover it. pop it in the fridge for about an hour. Really get those flavours to combine and kind of get to know each other. It’s like a nice and cold perfect for dinner. I hope you people enjoy this post and recipe as well.


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