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Cause of cancer: Sweet drinks and fruits can also cause of cancer! – Healthytipsinfo

France’s experts have said more than one million people after the survey that sugar beverages and pure juices can also cause of cancer. Cause of cancer by using extra sweet drinks and fruits.

The results that come from a new study are also upset for 100% of the fruit juice. The survey states that if you drink sweet drinks (soft drinks and syrups) and juices (without mixing sugar), their regular use can be caused by many types of cancer. They have a red orange juice but other fruit juices are included.

Prior to this, the relationship between sweet syrup and soft drinks is discovered, including obesity, diabetes and type-to-diabetes. Research on some mice has proven that the sugar in the soft drinks also increases the number of cancerous diseases, or increase its gastrointestinal growth.

5 Causes of Cancer by using extra sweet drink and pure juices

Dr. Elove Chelsea, Sciences of University of Suburban, Paris, has studied this. They have reviewed or received data from the average 42 years of 101257 women and men. They were asked to drink soft drinks, fruit drinks, 100% fruit juices, sweet milk and drinking drinks.

This series of online questions continued for 24 hours and continuously questioned them for 9 years. During this time participants were asked about the risks of intestines, breast and prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, 693 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate to 291 and 166 participants. It came to know that if 100 ml of sweet drinks are cooked daily, risk of all cancer is 18%, especially the risk of breast cancer by 22%.

After that, pure fruit juice was separately investigated. It has shown signs of increased risk of breast cancer, while pure juices did not cause any prostate cancer and intestinal cancer. Contrary to this, no risk of cancer from sugar-free diet drinks came.

But experts, while examining the outcome of this research, have also discussed the weaknesses and limitations of this research.

He has said that research of such mass scale supports the final outcome, but the people involved in this do not show the entire population of France. They believe that sugar-rich drinks can cause of cancer and it will be better if the people are limited to their use.


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