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Mediterranean salad: Healthy Mediterranean salad twist with olives

Today we're going to give it a healthy, bright, flavour-packed Mediterranean Salad twist. I'm Shahbaz Ali with the Mediterranean, Stockholm. I'm all about wholesome, and today, we're going to dig into my Mediterranean shrimp pasta salad. All right. Healthy Mediterranean SaladSo, let's just take a quick look at what we have going on with this Mediterranean shrimp pasta...

Drink Coffee: Bad News eager of coffee

Drink Coffee: Bad News Eager of CoffeeAre you eager to drink coffee? Then you will be shocked to learn that drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day can increase your risk of migraine or headache. A study published in the American General of Medicine looked at migraine sufferers.  Experts found that these individuals had...

Mother’s milk: Strong shield for children

Mother's milk is a strong shield against many diseases in childrenNourishing mother's milk has not been discovered until now, nor is it possible for newborns to breastfeed within an hour, avoiding breastfeeding water, ghee, honey, tea and above.Recent research has revealed that babies whose mothers breastfeed have higher intelligence and IQ than other children. Speaking at a function...

overuse of cell phones: overuse of smartphones causes obesity

Overuse of cell phones: Overuse of smartphones causes obesityVenezuela: According to a research report, using a smartphone five hours a day or more can make you fat.According to details, today's younger generation spends most of their time with Smartphone, which limits physical activity, according to a research report by Simon Bolivar University Colombia.Cause of...

breast cancer prevention: Red onion aids in breast cancer prevention

Red onion aids in breast cancer preventionDo you want to avoid the rapidly spreading disease breast cancer? Then make onions an essential part of your diet. According to a recent research, red onion can be a shield against breast cancer prevention.According to a research conducted at the University of Guelph Canada, red onions can be a...

On the occasion of International Yoga Day 2019, when Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world Stayed

On the occasion of International Yoga Day 2019, Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world. Then what things have to be taken care of before and after you do yoga. It is very important to have this information. Especially for those who are going to do yoga for the first time in...

Feeling Good, Look Good, Live Well: Healthy Lifestyle 8 Benefits

Staying healthy is a commitment. It is a way of life that requires commitment and self-control. For some people, it comes easy to live a healthy lifestyle, especially if they are already accustomed; Others find living a bit more challenging life healthy.Worth it. There are many advantages of having a healthy body. In fact,...

Healthy lifestyle benefits of sport in 50 steps

Sport not only contributes to your appearance but also to every part of your life. Healthy lifestyle benefits of sport in 50 steps, happy and peaceful life.1. The most important feature that sports bring to our lives is to improve and improve our quality of life.2. It prevents health problems with its effects such...

10 golden rules how to live a healthy lifestyle essay

Who doesn't want to live longer, be fit and feel vigorous without diseases ...? Here are 10 golden rules for them, and it's easy to apply how to live a healthy lifestyle essay.We all want a healthier, happier life. It is in our hands again to realize this request. To do this, we need...

A Healthy Lifestyle: A Way to Follow Good Habits

 If you follow healthy habits, your body will soon thank you. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means that you will reach your ideal weight, you will feel better, and you will be more resistant to injury and illness.Things That Make You Love and Hate A Healthy Lifestyle: A Way To Follow Good Habits.A healthy lifestyle is...
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