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overuse of cell phones: overuse of smartphones causes obesity

Overuse of cell phones: Overuse of smartphones causes obesityVenezuela: According to a research report, using a smartphone five hours a day or more can make you fat.According to details, today's younger generation spends most of their time with Smartphone, which limits physical activity, according to a research report by Simon Bolivar University Colombia.Cause of...

breast cancer prevention: Red onion aids in breast cancer prevention

Red onion aids in breast cancer preventionDo you want to avoid the rapidly spreading disease breast cancer? Then make onions an essential part of your diet. According to a recent research, red onion can be a shield against breast cancer prevention.According to a research conducted at the University of Guelph Canada, red onions can be a...

Due to the lack of memory and allergic reactions in children from junk foods facts like pizzas, burgers, know the reason

On a holiday the children often ask for a different meal. Nowadays, the habit of eating junk foods facts such as pizza, burgers, French fries, choumeins, momos, has increased greatly. You know that obesity increases in children with junk foods facts. But a recent research suggests that eating more junk foods facts increases the...

The small mistakes that make your heart disease bigger

Heart is the most important organ in our body. If this does not work properly, the lymph nodes can also stop. It transmits blood in our body, this work through the coronary artery. Therefore, it is very important to keep your heart safe. If you want your heart to always beating properly, keep in...

Heart attack and brain stroke cannot be prevented by mouth cleansing

If you do not clean your mouth well, then you can become a victim of diseases such as heart attack and brain stroke. Actually, the bacteria found in the mouth are dangerous. These bacteria attach blood (blood clotting) to the arteries, causing the blood flow to the organs. These bacteria when you make blood...

52 years ago, it was discovered that cigarette is major cause of lung cancer

It was 62 years ago that day on June 27, 1957. The UK's Medical Research Council had told the whole world today that lung cancer is due to cigarette. About 12 crores of people drink cigarettes, bidi and hukkas in India.By making a ring of cigarette smoke, lifting the collar slightly up. the youth...

What is Vertigo?

Let's know what is Vertigo. Vertigo means - Walking head or dizziness. These words are derived from the Latin word 'verto' which means walking - walking.In such a situation, it would be better to know if the head rotation or dizziness is what takes the form of Vertigo and what should be done to...

What is prostate

"How to cure the disease e.g. What is Prostate ?",You may have heard a lot about prostate cancer and prostate cancer and you also want to know about it so that it can be prevented. In such a situation, today you are told what prostate is and what you need to do with Prostate...
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